Whistler Brewing Tour and Taste

ImageThis past weekend I attended the IABC Canada Western Region Conference in Whistler. The event kicked off with the Silver Leaf Awards Gala on the first night. The conference was held at the Hilton Whistler and that first meal at the gala would prove to be the best. it featured of course- a perfectly cooked Salmon.

Bless the conference coordinators who as communicators know the conference delegates would be thirsty by the second night. They set up a tour and taste for us to go on at the Whistler Brewing Company located at the infamous Function Junction. It filled up faster than expected and I was one of the lucky ones who signed up early enough to go.

We toured the facilities, sampled a selection of their craft brews and learned the history of the company.

Whistler Brewing Company is 100% BC owned, brewed, and proud of it. They opened their doors in 1989; but 11 years later, they were purchased from a larger company who moved their operations to Kamloops.  (Can you guess which one?) Two local residents stepped in, and after a few years were able to purchase the recipes to the original three beers. They opened up shop in its current location and have been in operation there since 2009. They brought in a experienced head brewmaster who has played a key role in establishing Whistler Brewing as the craft brewery it is known as today.


Variety of hops.


Their beers are made up of four natural ingredients: barley, hops, yeast and the glacial waters from Whistler’s glaciers. Their beers don’t include any preservatives. This allows them to serve the very local area only -much to the dismay of those of us on the tour who are from east of Alberta.

Image Image  

We were given four samples to try during the tour , I tried the Whiskey Jack Ale, the Wheat Ale Weissbier, the IPA, and the Black Tusk Ale. After the tour we sat in the Tap House and mingled with other communicators on the tour as I throughly enjoyed a full size Black Tusk Ale, a dark ale with hints of chocolate that was perfect on a chilly November day.