(Baking contest) judge for a day

If I told you I got to judge a baking contest while getting paid for it, would you believe me? It’s true…I love my job! This week I got the pleasure of going to Brandon to help judge a baking contest at Manitoba Hog Days. What do hogs have to do with a baking contest and what does my job have to do with either you might be wondering.

MB Hog Days is an industry trade fair focusing on the needs of Manitoba’s pork producers. Many producers are in Manitoba colonies. This year,  a group of women from some of these colonies decided to hold a baking contest during the fair. They contacted the Manitoba Canola Growers to see if we would participate, which of course we were happy to. Canola oil and baking go hand in hand. So off I went to Brandon. The contest received 140 entries in five categories: cakes and cupcakes, cookies, breads, pies, jams and jellies and  took four hours to judge! I’m not going to lie, I had a stomachache from eating so much sweets…and I love sweets.

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The jams and jellies table. Not a bad one in the batch, they all deserved to win. I even took a few home with me.

The cake table…one of two!