Española Way: a good way to go

The night before my IABC conference began in Miami, my roommate was feeling a little tired but I couldn’t get enough of the scene so I ventured out alone. I came across Espanola Way, a spanish village which is a ways away from the craziness of Ocean Drive in South Beach. The festive lights trailing up the palm trees, music and and laughter caught my attention, so I walked right in.

Welcoming entrance to Española Way.

Immediately I was transferred into a scene of Miami Vice, and fittingly so as I later found out Espanola Way had appeared on the show. My heart was happy as I strolled along the walkways taking everything in. I walked past shops, cafes, restaurants all equipped with outdoor seating. I noticed  that everyone was very slow moving. Slow to walk, slow to sip their wines; they were living in the moment. I wasn’t hungry but sat down at a restaurant located in a corner so I could get a good view of the entire pedestrian way. I looked up and it was a tapas place called Tapas y Tintos and even though I was full, I ordered a tabla de manchengo and verduras a la plancha (manchego cheese and grilled zucchini, eggplant, tomato, onion, garlic and red pepper) accompanied by a superb glass of sangria. Shortly after, flamenco dancers took the stage inside the restaurant,  my seat next to the window provided me with a good view of the dancers and the scene outside.

Enjoying the view with a glass of white sangria.

I tweeted this photo with the caption “I feel right at home at Espanola Way” and Espanola Way (@dineespway) immediately tweeted be back telling me to have a good time. Good social media practices always win me over.  I certainly enjoyed myself and it was the perfect ending to my mini vacation. And the fact I was alone, kind of made it a little bit better. Everyone needs some alone time sometimes. And if it includes cheese, perfectly grilled veggies and a glass of sangria, that’s even better.