Barnaby’s, it’s worth the drive

My previous two posts have been about our long weekend at that farm. While we were out there, we managed to find some time to go to Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park.We walked around and did a little shopping and our way back home we stopped at Barnaby’s in Onanole. This was my second visit there.

It’s right on Highway 10 and most people drive past it without looking twice. But you know the saying “never judge a restaurant from the outside?” (Probably not because I made it up.) Well this place is one of those. It’s not meant to impress with it’s decor; here it’s the food -particularly the chicken and ribs- that do all the talking.

If you visit during primetime there is usually a line up. This is especially true Thursday through Saturday when they serve their famous ribs. Staff is too busy running orders and serving so you sign up to wait for a table and they seat you by order you came. They’re happy to serve you drinks while you wait your turn in the waiting area.

The menu consists of burgers, salads, chicken and ribs. On this visit, I had the chicken dinner, one of their specialties. If you’re waiting a while, it’s because they make their chicken in batches, so it’s worth the wait because your order of chicken is served hot and crispy with a side of coleslaw and fries. I didn’t save room for dessert (which is rare) but the homemade pies did look tempting.

The chicken was crispy and the coleslaw creamy. A very fulfilling meal.