Evergreen Brick Works Farmer’s Market

This past weekend I went to Toronto to visit a friend and to attend a Zumba Instructor Network day. My friend Laura who I would be visiting e-mailed to let me know that Toronto Underground Market (TUM) would be having an event while I was there. Unfortunately we took too long and tickets were sold out by the time we went to get them. TUM is a social network of foodies that hold food sampling events. What makes it so unique and exclusive is that these are not chefs sampling their food, they’re home cooks, bloggers and other food lovers.

Farmer’s market at Evergreen Brick Works.

TUM’s website states “The driving force behind the TUM is my sheer amazement at the wealth of delicious, professional quality food being made in home kitchens.” We need something like this in Manitoba!

Since we couldn’t attend this event that was to be held at the Evergreen Brick Works, we settled for the farmer’s market held there earlier in the day. The venue is a heritage site, transformed from a deteriorating brick yard into a public space by environmental national charity Evergreen.

It had your usual farmer’s market good -fresh vegetables, fresh baked bread, and food vendors, but I also saw some unique items.

On the left: Sea asparagus, other wise known as salicornia. It is a crunchy, salty and succulent seaweed native to our Canadian coasts. It grows and absorbs sea salt and mineral from the sea. I loved it, it makes a good snack.

On the right: The Kombucha beverage  is a fermented probiotic drink. It is good for detoxing and this one was made in Ontario.

This was a mini Toronto history and food lesson as my friend explained Evergreen’s mission behind converting the old brick house, and I learned about two new products out there I’d never tried before.


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