My TV debut

This past Friday, I was on CTV Morning Live talking about healthy snacks you can make and take along to all the outdoor festivals going on this time of year and the importance of drinking lots of water. It stemmed from this post.

I made a bean dip, bran muffins, roasted chickpeas and Jenn my coworker made her famous Jenn’s Chewy Granola Bars. You can watch the clip here. I had a lot of fun and hope I can go back again one day!

The display of snacks I brought along.

I love love love these muffins Rhubarb Honey Bran Muffins! They’re packed with rhubarb which is aplenty right now, uses whole wheat flour  and wheat bran and applesauce and honey  instead of sugar. I’ve made 3 batches this month already, it’s about the only thing I’m turning my oven on for in the heat these days.


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