Back Door Burger

Sometimes I can be a procrastinator. Rarely about anything to do with food but such was the case this summer. I found out through Twitter that the Fairmont Winnipeg was doing “back door” lunches. One of the hotel’s doors opens out onto the terrace between the hotel and the Richardson building, a popular spot at lunch. Hot dogs are the only thing you can buy from a vendor but Fairmont changed that this summer;  every Friday they’d open their back door and set up a stand that gave people a delicious lunch option – the back door burger.

Every week was a different take on a burger. Today’s was the 1950’s classic cheese burger. For $10, the meal came with a cheeseburger, fries sprinkled with sea salt, and a  strawberry milkshake! It was the best quick lunch I’ve had all summer. I just wish I hadn’t waited until the last day to go. It’s a fantastic concept the Fairmont does in other cities too.

I hope they return next year, I will visit the day it opens this time.