A charming French bakery

I just got back from a visit to l’Epi de Ble bakery on north Main and it was absolutely divine! Some of the bloggers from the MB food bloggers group have been talking about it for some time now, and posting pictures so I couldn’t resist.

I had a coffee and an almond cream croissant and went home with a few treats including a pain chocolate.

The owner is extremely friendly and helpful, I love seeing how passionate people are about what they do. I was intrigued by all their loaves and baguettes and she was happy to answer all my questions (I had lots). If you’re looking for healthy bread, this is the place to go.  They don’t use oil or shortening, except for in the italian and cinnamon loaf.  Some of the loaves on hand today were pumpernickel, le Québécois loaf that’s made with flax flour, rye, and whole wheat flour and a cinnamon loaf made with peanut oil. They actually have a bread named  health bread. It’s made of flax flour, whole wheat and barley flours. The sunny loaf looked delicious too, it has garlic green and red peppers in it.

They had a variety of cakes too. I know where I’m going next time I sign up to bring a treat somewhere. It’s located at 1757 Main St, I encourage all of you go.

Warm and mouth watering almond cream chocolate croissant.

Large selection of healthy bread.