Oh my barley

I’m excited to start the new year with a new blogging opportunity. It’s a good fit for me because it focuses on food and health, much like Be Well, a blog I currently contribute to.

For one of my first tasks, I spent a good part of my weekend doing some research on barley. Pearl barley, pot barley, hulled barley, barley flour, barley grits, and barley flakes, who knew there were so many options? I can differentiate between them all now (and I will, another time). Regardless of the type, barley has some fantastic nutritional benefits, and a Health Canada approved claim to back it up. The claim states that three grams of barley per day helps reduce cholesterol. Mairlyn Smith talked about this at Be Well Connect.

barleybreakfasteditI also learned it is a great option for breakfast. I’m heading into a very hectic week so I’m putting what I learned in my barley research to use and starting my day off and my week off with a healthy, filling breakfast.

My inspiration for it was this recipe. I used pearl barley which has a lower cooking time, and replaced the hazelnuts with sliced almonds and omitted the chocolate. I also put half of the barley aside to make mushroom barley risotto tonight.