Is tamarind making a comeback? Or is it just being re-discovered?

Tamarind is a fruit and can be both sweet and sour; it’s popular in Central and South American and Indian cuisine. I have been exposed to it and loved it as a child. I’ve had it in sauces and as candy mostly.


Tamarind candy I ate too much of as a child.

In the past few years I have noticed it everywhere. Tamarind-flavoured margaritas at a Mexican restaurant in Calgary, and in two forms of desserts I couldn’t pass up.

Tiramisu with tamarind sauce.

Tiramisu with tamarind sauce.

First was the amazing tiramisu with tamarind sauce I had on my honeymoon at Cafe Des Artistes Del Mar in Punta Mita, Mexico. The second was recently right here at home. It was a tamarind creme brulee at the new Brazilian bbq restaurant Carnaval.

What else have you seen tamarind in? If there’s any other tamarind-infused desserts, let me know, I gotta try it!