Keep cool with gazpacho

It’s been a hot few weeks. The kind where all meals have to be barbecued because there’s no way I’m turning on the stove or oven inside. I was prepared this year and had plenty of “cold” recipes on hand,  but one of my favourite cold recipes by far is gazpacho.

I was reminded I hadn’t made it this summer yet, when I saw one of my former coworkers, Ellen, making it on a breakfast show. Then my dad brought me over a handful of green peppers and tomatoes so there was no question gazpacho was in my near future.

Fresh garden tomatoes and green peppers.

Fresh garden tomatoes and green peppers.


Mix all gazpacho ingredients in food processor or blender.


I made it tonight following the recipe I shared last summer as a guide. I made a few modifications to the recipe:

– since I had so many fresh tomatoes on hand, I omitted the tomato juice and replaced it with an extra tomato and 2 cups of water instead

– I used only green peppers since I had so many on hand

– I like my gazpacho chunky so I added some crushed up home made croutons before I blended it up

– I had fresh cilantro on hand so I added a handful (plus a teaspoon of cumin too)

There’s just something about gazpacho that makes my summer feel complete. I will throughly enjoy it for lunch and supper tomorrow while keeping my cool.

What do you add to your gazpacho?


Nothing beats a cool serving of gazpacho on a hot day.