Thanksgiving Recipe Remix

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Brussell sprout salad remixed.

In Canada, this weekend was the thanksgiving long weekend. This year we had our dinner at my mother in law’s and to make things easier for the host, everyone pitched in and brought something.

I challenged myself to make something I don’t even like but is in season and goes hand in hand with thanksgiving. Brussell sprouts.  Last week when the Canola Growers posted this it made me crave them, even though I don’t like them. I like the sounds of both salads and couldn’t decide which one to make so I used the ingredients in this recipe and followed most of the directions for this recipe.

I rarely follow a recipe exactly so it wasn’t a surprise I “remixed” the recipe with my own touches. It was also a hit.

Here’s what I did:

1) I threw in some shredded red cabbage with the carrots and onion.
2) After blanching the brussell sprouts, I added them to the carrot mixture.
3) Then I added some fresh parsley.
4) I added the raisins last. I decided I wanted to make it a cold salad so I didn’t want the raisins to get too soggy.

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The salad was a hit and was a good choice since it was our only greens in the meal.
Do you cook anything you personally don’t like to eat but enjoy cooking for others?


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