“If you can’t eat one apple a day, you’re a loser.”


“If you can’t eat one apple a day, you’re a loser.”

– Wise words from Mairlyn Smith.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being one of the Manitoba Canola Growers Association guests at the Manitoba Home Economists Conference. It was a morning filled with information on maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul.

I felt right at home with the group of home economists and got to live out my junior high aspirations of becoming a home ec teacher. When I was in junior high I would spend my lunch hours in the home ec room doing extra sewing projects or making rice krispies because that was more appealing than standing outside 7-11 smoking cigarettes like my peers did.

I learned two things:

1) You really should eat an apple everyday.

2) Home ec classes are in danger of extinction  in Manitoba and so is the department of Home Economics at the University of Manitoba.

First – about the apple. The peel of the apple contains antioxidants, so make sure to eat that part!  Also, the pectin and soluble fibre lowers your chance of cholesterol. Good news for me since I go through an apple phase every fall. This week I made apple crisp and baked apple  slices. But now I will aim to eat an apple on its own everyday…or risk being a loser.

apple rings

Apple rings courtesy of Fruit Share Manitoba.

My biggest lesson of the conference was that we are in danger of losing home ec classes in Manitoba. Kids just aren’t interested in home ec classes anymore, and some schools don’t even offer classes. Read more about home ec classes losing steam here and the possibility of  department of home economics being abolished here. This poses a serious problem threat for our society. From making healthy eating choices to managing your finances, home economists teach us important life skills for the mind body and soul. Last weekend we got the hashtag #SaveHomeEc trending because the Manitoba Association of Home Economists want to bring awareness to the issue.

Mairlyn Smith is, among a lot of other things, a professional Home Economist. She instills her messages on healthy eating in a memorable way. We need to save home ec so that our youth don’t lose essential life skills.


*if = of (stupid autocorrect)
One of my #SaveHomeEc tweets from the conference