New direction

I started this blog two years ago to write about my  dining and cooking experiences. At the time, my job involved a lot of these experience but there have been a few changes in my life since.

As the year some to an end, I did some self reflecting and decided I wanted to take this blog in a new direction. I’ve talked about the foods I grew up with a lot on here, so I have decided to go back to my roots. I want to cook, dine and talk about Latin American foods. I will challenge myself to make and write about 18 Latin American (or Spanish) recipes this year.  Some of these of course will  be Salvadoran recipes but I am not limiting it to that because I enjoy foods from other cultures and have many friends (ie.resources) that will make for some exciting learning opportunities. There will be other food related posts but whether they’re about dining or ingredient related, my goal is to keep it Latino and still under the categories eat, sip and slurp.

Here’s why:

  • I miss my mom’s cooking. She passed away almost eight years ago and will never get to taste or learn from her again. I learned tons from watching her when I was young and I don’t want those memories to fade. Making her recipes will keep them alive.
  • My husband didn’t have the pleasure of savouring my mother’s food and he absolutely loves Latin American food. So he will enjoy this adventure as much as I will. I want to be able to cook the foods I grew up with for my kids one day.
  • It will give me purpose in the kitchen. I love cooking, but since I started a new job six months ago, I have started slipping up. The long hours don’t allow for me to cook every day like I used to; this will give me a reason to get back into the kitchen. It will hopefully also be a stress reliever.

photo-12A big part of this adventure will be cooking my way through my mom’s cookbooks. A series by Vilma G de Escobar in particular will serve as a point of reference. I say reference because the recipes are entirely in Spanish and while the ingredients are listed, measurements sometimes are not and the directions are far from complete. But she seems like a sweet old lady and if my mom learned from her books why can’t I? So I will fill in the blank and make my own substitutions while necessary.

Stay tuned!


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