¡Me Gusta! café

coffee and beans Coffee is  big part of my daily morning ritual. There’s nothing quite like that peaceful moment when I take my first sip of freshly brewed coffee every morning.  It’s also played a huge role in getting me through this never ending winter we’ve had.

My dad taught me a lot about coffee when I was growing up. He would tell me about the coffee plantations, or finacas that he worked in as a boy in El Salvador. I remember thinking it was so unfair he had to work as a boy. As an adult, his stories have stayed with me and is part of the reason I also try and drink fair trade coffee as much as I can. My preferred method is to grind my own beans and make my own coffee using a French press. I also love coffee shops and am happy to see Winnipeg has a few independently owned ones that are socially conscious and serve great tasting quality coffee. Not to sound like a coffee snob or anything but you won’t ever catch me at Tim Hortons but I am guilty of owning a Tassimo (that I hardly use but would if they offered fair trade T cups).

Currently I’m in coffee heaven. My dad recently brought me coffee straight from El Salvador and I brought a couple of different beans from a trip to Mexico earlier this month.

I leave you with this quote that perfectly sums me up pre-coffee in the morning.

“I never laugh until I’ve had my coffee.”

Clark Gable

coffeesI heart coffee

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