Tequila, 3 ways for Cinco de mayo

tequilaCinco de Mayo is just around the corner. In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is a national celebration  honouring Mexico’s victory in the Battle of Puebla, a battle they were unlikely to win.

Since it’s a celebratory occasion, this is a fun time for north americans to indulge in the abundance of delicious foods and beverages native to Mexico.

Tequila, is one of my favourite Mexican imports. I’ve had the pleasure of touring a few tequila distilleries in Jalisco including the Jose Cuervo distillery located in a town called – you guessed it – Tequila.

Here are three ways to enjoy the agave-derived alcohol beverage.


1) Strawberry-Lime Margaritas

Cinco de Mayo Strawberry Lime Margaritas

Cinco de Mayo Strawberry Lime Margaritas.


2) Grapefruit and cinnamon infused tequila – This one is great for sipping or taking as a shot. Try it in a paloma (see #3).

grapefruit infused tequila

Grapefruit infused tequila make delicious shots.


3) Paloma  – This grapefruit and tequila cocktail is refreshing and made even better if you use the grapefruit infused tequila.

Paloma - a refreshing tequila cocktail.

Paloma – a refreshing tequila cocktail.


BONUS: See my 5 recipes to try this Cinco de Mayo here.


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