Table for 1200, fabulous food, fantastic experience

sunset 1
“The food was fantastic, the view was fabulous and our table mates were friendly.” -me
It’s been a few weeks since I attended Table for 1200 and I still can’t help but smile every time I hear it mentioned or I come across a photo from it.

I bought my tickets for Table for 1200 as soon as I heard it was a pop up dinner where the location would be a secret until the day of. I’m glad I did because the event sold out within 24 hours!

Table for 1200 was a dinner held where Winnipeg’s architecture and culinary arts scene met. It was held by  Storefront MB and 5468796 Architecture. As someone who understands the ins and outs of planning events, I was impressed by planning and coordination of it all. There were 1200 guests, 150 tables and 150 table hosts. Oh yeah – there was also an all white dress code and we had to bring our own chairs. The dinner was the creation of the team from RAW:almond along with the chef from Diversity Food Services.

Each table was assigned a host and the host was in charge of decorating their table and contacting guests the day of to notify them of their table numbers and location.

The location was Esplanade Riel and it was absolutely amazing. We were seated at table 5, right where it all began.  We sat in the pedestrian crossing with the cars driving past right behind us. This was our view upon arrival.

table 2

Our dinner decor has a vintage vibe that I loved.
There was a quinoa salad, a bean, lentils and mushroom salad, a chickpea hummus with grilled zucchini and my favourite – a beet, watermelon, feta and mint salad. They told us to wear white and then fed us beets and I didn’t get any stains! Go figure.
Our centrepieces were planters of chives! How can you not love that?
The salads were followed by a grilled sausage and a warm, tender brisket. Dessert came in a little white box.
sausage and brisket                         dessert
After dinner we took a walk to go look for friends we had at table 120. We didn’t realize how long the table really was until then! This was our view from the end of the bridge and barely 100 tables in.
opposite view
It went into The Forks, through some trees where it looked like a garden party and of course the Museum of Hunan Rights as the backdrop.
forest view
The best part about the evening was sitting was sharing a meal with complete strangers. The food was fantastic, the view was fabulous and our table mates were friendly. We happened to have an architect at out table and our table host works for a local food organization so the conversation was aplenty and pleasant. We had a really engaging conversation about Winnipeg, its architecture, its people, its passion – we bonded over our love for the city.
I wanted to shit there all night. We watched the sunset over the last of our wine and took it all in. I love this city!
sunset 1