Top three most viewed posts of 2014

Happy new year! Hope your 2015 is off to a fabulous start!

Just over a year ago I decided to take this blog in a new direction and focus on Salvadoran and other Latin American recipes as an ode to my mother who I lost nine years ago (read about it here). As the oldest of three girls, she always kept me busy in the kitchen helping her and teaching me her Salvadoran cooking ways. Years later, I still remember how she measured, what ingredients she used and the way she just manoeuvred herself in the kitchen. I like to think I mimic her style.

I’ve been a little quiet in the past few months due to an exciting adventure my husband and I are delving into but I wanted to share my top three most viewed posts for 2014.

I have a lot more recipes coming so if you’re looking for Salvadoran and Latin American recipes, stay posted!

Top three most viewed posts of 2014

1) Salvadoran curtido

You can’t have pupusas or yuca frita without curtido and this recipe is simple and easy to follow.

Salvadoran curtido


2) Chimol (or chirmol)

Whether you call it chimol or chirmol, this pico de gallo-like alas consists of a few fresh ingredients to pair with your carne asada or on its own.


Served with flank steak.

Served with flank steak.


3) Strawberry-Lime Margaritas

Last January I used this recipe to beat the winter blues. Weather is no match for a delicious margarita, anytime of the year!

Strawberry-lime margarita

Strawberry-lime margarita