A change of heart on Mother’s Day

When I decided to focus this blog on Latin American recipes and specifically those my mother used to make, it was with the idea that this would be a place to preserve my mom’s recipes sometimes adding a modern or healthier twist of my own. I figured if I was looking for traditional and cultural recipes to pass on to my children others were too.

Two weeks ago I became a mother to a beautiful boy and girl; that’s right, I had twins! I am so in love and my life has completely changed. Ever since my mother passed away, the past nine Mother’s Days have been my most hated day of the year. Facebook statuses, advertisements and sales were all constant stabs at my heart reminding me that my mother is no longer with us.

This year, although I still miss her greatly I have a whole new appreciation for all that mothers do, go through and give to their children. I finally understand. But instead of bringing me tears of sadness it has brought me tears of joy. I get to celebrate my first Mother’s Day with my healthy and happy babies by my side. My daughter even carries her grandmother’s name – Gloria.

My mother always used to say that the best way to show appreciation for you mother is through your everyday actions (she was right again). A nice gesture, like cooking her a meal on Mother’s Day goes a long way and Canola Eat Well has picked five recipes from Canada’s coast to coast — including a recipe for huevos rancheros from yours truly– to treat your mother to this Mother’s Day.

How are you showing appreciation for your mother this Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there!

Here is a photo of my mother and I (and my father) in El Salvador when I was one.

El Savador circa 1984

One of my favourite photos of my mother and I (and my father) in El Salvador.

And here are my pride and joy at three days old.


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day Wendy This is a beautiful post and you have brought me to tears in a good way! Enjoy your beautiful babies as they grow way to fast Happy Mothers Day

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