National Tequila Day Luxury Margarita

The Don Julio Blanco Luxury Tequila

The Don Julio Blanco Luxury Tequila.

Tequila. Oh, how I love it so. One of my most memorable tequila experiences was visiting the town of Tequila, Mexico.

I never get sick of tequila because the cocktail possibilities are endless but when in doubt a classic margarita is the way to go. I usually find drink and food inspirations on Instagram and the Don Julio Instagram account is one of my favourites. It never disappoints. Last weekend they posted a recipe for the Don Julio Blanco Luxury Margarita. Don Julio tequila is one of my favourites; it is smooth for sipping and this recipe is refreshing on a hot summer.

Today is #NationalTequilaDay and it’s Friday. Need I say more? Give it a whirl and start your weekend out right. Before you head out to buy tequila, make sure you check out my top 5 things to know when choosing a tequila.

Get the recipe for the Don Julio Blanco Luxury Margarita from their instagram account.

Cheers! Salud!