Jalapeño Beer


El Heffe from Banger Brewing

Today is National Beer Day making it the perfect day to tell you about an exotic little Hefeweizen I tried a while back.

A couple of months ago I visited my sister in Las Vegas. We went to Freemont specifically to check out Banger Brewing; and even more specifically because I was on a mission to try their infamous Jalapeño Hefeweizen aptly called El Heffe (which is Spanish means the boss). It did not disappoint.

El Heffe is infused with jalapeño and serrano peppers. It has a strong spicy aroma, but don’t let it that fool you. It is bold and flavourful, yet not spicy. It does have a subtle kick to it but it can easily be enjoyed by bohth chili beer lovers and non-chili beer fans alike.

The brewery offers 10 of their brews on tap and has some great specials. They also offer free tours. Like most good taprooms, it is quiant with a handful of tables and board games at your disposal. The bar is fun to sit at if you feel like chatting to others or the bartenders. Being on Freemont (450 Freemont Street), makes it a fun place to sit and people watch out on the patio. Speaking of the patio, they offer a small snack menu which includes perogies! Coming from Winnipeg, that certainly caught my eye.

El Heffe is a well-blanced beer that has me craving it this National Beer Day.

What are you drinking to celebrate? Cheers!